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First Time Cleans

In order to give you the absolute best service all first time visits require a deep clean, unless you’ve had a professional cleaning service visit within the last 30 days. 


How we figure our rates

Rates are calculated on basis of the complexity and volume of the work on your scheduled cleaning.  Recurring services are based on a flat rate price using our checklist. We strive to accommodate all our recurring clients and if additional time is needed outside the scheduled cleaning, additional rates will apply. Rates are based on labor standards for our area. We strive to provide a competitive, above average wage to our professional staff to support them and their families.



All payments may be made in several ways such as cash/online transfer or credit/debit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We do not collect pre-payments, all payments are subjects to be charged after cleaning service has been provided.

All our customers have to read and sign our cleaning agreement before their appointment is scheduled.


Access to your home or office

Our standard policy is to protect your home and valuables, therefore we do not store or retain keys. We highly suggest an outside lock box with a code. They are easily purchased at any hardware store. Access codes can be added to your online booking. If you have a “hidden” key or plan to leave a key please add it to your booking so your cleaning team knows where to find it.  


Lock Outs

Upon arrival, if cleaning teams cannot gain access to your home, we will attempt to contact you by phone or text message. We will wait 15 minutes to hear back or your appointment will be cancelled and charged a $75.00 cancellation fee. 


Health & Safety

Please disclose any of the following conditions before we book your cleaning. Health and safety policies prohibit us from cleaning the following conditions.:

  1. Recent Covid-19 Diagnosis

  2. Mold

  3. Pests (including but not limited to fleas, head lice,  bed bugs, roaches and/or rodent infestations)

  4. Human or pet waste, and/or bodily fluids. 

If team members come across a pest problem we will contact you immediately and halt the cleaning. Client will be charged for the following to include but not limited to:

  1. The full price of the booked cleaning.

  2. Any supply replacement costs which could  include consumable supplies and/or  equipment used on your premises. If extermination of company vehicles is needed (Bed Bugs, fleas ect) the client will incur these costs as part of the cleaning fee. 

If our Residential Specialists evaluation a situation and decide it beyond our scope of service we will refer you to an outside service provider.

High dusting is achieved by an extension pole. Insurance requirement forbids ladders any higher than a 2 step stool.


We understand that some cancellations are unexpected, life happens. We have established the following guidelines for all cancellations:

24 Hours notice for all cancellations without penalty (client w/recurring service)

$75.00 cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice (client w/recurring service)

50% cancellation fee for the 2nd occurrence without notice. If your day and time is not convenient or causes issues with your schedule please let us know so we can rearrange the schedule to accommodate you better. 

In the event of a cancellation, we can add you to the waitlist for the next available appointment or you can remain on your normal rotation of scheduled service. 

In the event that ISSACLEANCO LLC needs to reschedule due to cleaning team illness, extreme weather or holidays we will contact you as soon as possible and attempt to reschedule you to the next available appointment. ISSA CLEANCO LLC reserves rights to refuse service to anyone.


Scheduled Appointments.

Appointment reminders are automatically sent via email 1 day prior to your appointment giving you adequate time to reschedule if necessary.



We love pets! But for their safety please keep them in a secure area during the scheduled cleaning time. We can’t be responsible for “escapees.” If you have an indoor cat only, please tell your booking agent or add it to your booking notes so we know not to let them out. 


How to prepare for our arrival

Please, don’t clean before our arrival, but a declutter is highly recommended. This will allow your cleaning teams to focus on detail and quality during their visit. It also gives you the opportunity to secure items that may be easily damaged or broken. 

Dishes: Dishes are not calculated into our base price for recurring services. We will do our best to wash dishes or add them to the dishwasher. Additional costs will be incurred at our hourly rate.

Our premium cleans do not cover inside curio or china cabinets or hutches. If requested to do so ISSACLEANCO LLC or any of it’s employees or not responsible for damage or breakage to any article or component. If a cleaning team member deems the area a risk for potential damage it will be added to your online profile notes. 

We work hard to provide you the best possible service and quality but sometimes something may get broken. In that case you will be notified by phone, and your cleaner will most likely leave you a note. Your cleaning team will document the damage by pictures into your personal account. We will then work together with you to come to a solution. 

We also offer organizing services with our professional organizer for an additional fee. We can schedule an organize and declutter appointment  before your cleaning service to maximize your experience. Give us a call to set you up an appointment. 

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